Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Post and continuing blog....

I am at a crossroads here about what i should do with this blog.I love to write and have this place to put my thoughts down for all to see,but i am troubled by the fact that the company who allows this to happen is not living up to the standards it sets for itself.Allot of stories have come out over the last several months related to the future of the Internet,privacy,and users search histories.The first thing,the future of the Internet,seems to lie in the legislative branch of our Government.It is going to be up the Congress to safeguard a free and open Internet,and with the way things have been going there lately it is highly unlikely we can trust them with the task.Government and Internet Service Providers are already trying to prepare us for an Internet that is no longer free and open,but accessible on a tiered basis,with two different lanes of traffic.The Government is already trying to stop anonymity and the ability to encrypt communications.Next they will try to limit access to information under the false guise of "National Security."I for one have a few ideas about what to do related to these new impositions on privacy,and one of them includes abandoning my Internet connection and cell phone.This will limit me in my abilities to access information from home,but as this new attack on our privacy has shown,to ensure my privacy this may be my only option.
As far as Internet search histories are concerned,Google for one is keeping all information on all of its users searches supposedly to be able to target its paid advertisers content to only the folks who would be interested in it.Well if that is the case then i am sure they will realise they can stop targeting me with any advertisement at all as i refuse to view ads when they annoyingly pop up as i am reading news or watching or listening to chosen entertainment.As the advertisers are starting to realise,when folks are able to view television shows or movies without ads they choose that option by a wide margin.I am certain that is given the chance to remove commercials from their television most would choose to do so.I for one immediately change the channel when commercials are on in between segments of the shows i watch,and when it is political commercials taking most of the spots i can't flee the station fast enough.The folks who have tivo can just record their favorite shows and skip right over commercials while watching,but folks like me who have only antenna television do not have that luxury.There is allot more of this discussion that i will continue to post on it,but for now i am going to end here.Until next time,thank you for reading. spacewalker