Sunday, May 11, 2014

tournament fishing

No luck in my first two tournaments of the season. Will keep posting as the season progresses

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

tournament season

Well I guess its game on,as Saturday the 3rd is a walleye tournament on Oneida lake. Then on Saturday the 10th a tiger muskie tournament on otisco lake. Then on Saturday the 17th the first bass tournament for the club I am in with my partner. I will post results as they come in. Peace and good music.    Spacewalker

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Trout Season is on!

Just finished prepping my fishing tackle for trout. Can't wait to get out in the sun and catch some fish.As time constraints allow i will get in as much stream stomping as i can before bass/boating season begin. Its always fun and i love being outside,especially after a long winter stuck indoors.My kids love fishing from the boat,but trout fishing is just for me alone because of where i go.Not a secret by any stretch,nine mile creek in Camillus is the spot. This seems to me to be more of a diary than anything someone may read,so if someone reads this please excuse the minutia.I will post pics and such as well to keep a nice account of what where and when the fish are biting.Since starting to blog again is going to be slow, my posts will be short unless they are a rant against anything i choose to bitch about. anyways,until next time,peace and good music, Spacewalker

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Team 19/BucketMouthBassClub

I am going to be fishing in tournaments again this year,with my trusty partner and fishing mentor,whom i will refer to from here on as Pete.We will be fishing ten regular season and one pre and one post season. Having physical barriers to deal with,Pete always accomondates me as best he can. His boat is fast and fun,and i feel great to be fishing another tournament season as his partner. Our first year we came in 12th overall,last season we came in 7th,and i hope this year to be number one,or at the very least in the top 3.I learn more every year and hope to improve every year as well.We fish against a great group of guys,all of whom could be top finishers in the end. Great days ahead,can't wait to get out on the water again.I will use this venue as a place to post about our team results as well as the other uses.It may be a while between posts but not four years again. Peace and good music, Spacewalker

Friday, March 28, 2014

Back from space

Here I am,back to start blogging again.Not sure if it's smart,but anyways,since I am off Facebook I figured I could write here and it would be safer and less scrutinized. Anyone who reads this can suggest I write on any subject and I will try to do my best with it,whatever it is. I do have a lot to say about most things.big mouth,that's me.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year end post

As the year ends i am hopeful the next year will bring better things.My year has been very difficult and i am glad to put it behind me.I would like to be a better husband and father in the next year and will post progress as i go along to document my progress.Chronic pain and a heavy meds schedule has become very difficult and without major surgery i am told it will get no better.I am not ready for more surgery so coping with my life as is seems to be the only option.I don't know if i am going to become unable to handle it in the future,but right now i am going to concentrate on my family and hope for the best.I wish the best to everyone out there and hope the new year brings you peace,happiness,and prosperity.Until next time,thanks for reading. spacewalker

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Post

I am going to start posting again as best i can to document my struggle with chronic pain and my personal opinion about current events,political and otherwise.Here is a link to show what is happening to freedom of speech with the MSM and search engines