Thursday, July 1, 2010

Saturday July 1st 2010

Well here we are in another month of the summer,and as usual it is flying past faster than i ever expected.The BP oil spill continues to flow into the waters of the gulf,the political polarization in the public sector continues and the gridlock in Washington is no closer to being resolved.How this country got so fractured and the economy got so broken is up for debate,but i know one thing for certain,the real number of unemployed in our nation is way higher than the 9.7 figure they keep telling us.Many folks aren't looking for work anymore due to the fact there just isn't any jobs out there to find,and both sides just keep slinging mud at each other saying its your sides fault we are in this mess.Well after they just allowed this jobs bill to falter hundreds of thousands of folks will be losing out on unemployment benefits that would have at the very least kept many more loans and mortgages from falling into the hole.As the repercussions ripple around the country from all these folks having no income to speak of,our leaders will be on vacation and not thinking about it at all.These folks on both sides of the isle deserve to be thrown out on their asses and fresh new faces need to come to the forefront to address the mess created by these corrupt thieves who currently hold not only Federal,but State and local Political office.
I have absolutely no faith in either party to address what is going on in any real way,and in this election year i am just waiting to see the ads begin to try and blame others for the mess.It is the red sides fault,no its the blue sides fault,no its the progressive liberals,no its the conservatives,blah blah blah.The system is so broken and corrupt that i hope that somehow the American people wake up to the fact that not one of the candidates being put forth are going to represent them in any way.These folks are bought and paid for long before they are elected,and because so many people have been lied to before i have some slim hope that either side will get an upper hand.They need to be forced into a position where compromise is the only way forward,but i won't hold my breath.The people of this nation have not been so fractured in decades,if ever.As the citizens continue to fall under the spell of over the top rhetoric and commercials that repeat the same old lies over and over,the small group of very wealthy contributors will keep the status quo in place.These Politicians cannot function without their money flowing to their campaigns,so for folks to argue details about divisive policy issues just makes no sense.Our system is not the greatest in the world as people always love to say,it is just as fake as the worst despotic horror shows that prop up dictators around the world.
The freedoms that so many have fought and died to protect are long gone,and in their place are a series of layers of deceptions put in place to seem to convince folks that we are in a very dangerous world and freedom and liberty need to be balanced against safety and securety.This is not at all the case,and since it is much to late to regain any semblance of our founders vision of a free democratic nation,we must accept the reality of what the powers we have allowed a few at the top to have leaves us with.No longer is there personal privacy,no longer is there any real freedom,and the "constitutional democracy" model is unsustainable in a modern computerised world.Any one of a giant complicated and venemous structure of what is called "security and law enforcement" on federal state and local level can find out anything and everything they want without oversite of what is a non functioning and broken corrupt judicial system.Money controls all in our broken system and it may already be much too late to rescue anything that may be left of a once grand and noble idea that we have been given by our forefathers.November is coming up fast and i am waiting to see what kind of mess we are left with after this next scam of an election.Anyways,until next time,thanks for reading. spacewalker

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