Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday February 13th 2010

Well i will begin today's post talking about the news,starting with a new push against the Taliban in Afghanistan.This was in the news prior to taking place,and the fighters we are going after are sure to have blended back into the population.It is almost impossible to imagine how difficult it is to distinguish between the population and the people we are looking for.The reason behind this area being a haven for Taliban is because the population has accepted them as the local Authority due to their brutal tactics related to sharia law.They publicly beat and sometimes kill locals in their hopes that fear will translate into cooperation.In the decades of past talk of help from the west the locals rightly are sceptical about new promises of security from our military and their government.
There is approximately 125,000 people in the Town of Marjah and the surrounding villages.These are mostly peasants and subsistence farmers who are poorly educated and have a palpable distrust of foreigners.To distinguish between these people and the Taliban is like emptying a building full of people at lunchtime and trying to find a group of people wearing suits.They blend well with the population,and thousands of people have fled to avoid the huge deployment of military forces heading their way.I fully support our Troops and i think highly of them and their families and what they sacrifice and endure on our behalf.My personal opinion of this new operation,codenamed "Moshtarak",or "Together"is that unless NATO rushes in with civil engineers and restores much needed public services and stays long term it won't succeed.Because the infrastructure of this nation will take decades to repair and the war torn heart of the people will take years to heal.Outsiders are viewed with a bizarre fascination and huge hurdles remain to see how much destruction and death result from this assault into their homes.Looking for what the military says is around 1,000 fighters of a mostly indigenous men will be enormously difficult in a sea of 80,000 to 100,000 people whose tribal elders welcomed the help Taliban drug money.These same tribal elders have pleaded with NATO to finish quickly to limit the damage and spare civilians.I hope they do because the more damage and death the less cooperation we can expect.
In the halls of Washington nothing continues to get done as these troops risk life and limb to support our Freedom and Democracy.The elected officials should be ashamed of themselves and start to put the interests of our country ahead of the prospects for re-election and campaign fund raising.This pandering to fringe groups to gain the upper hand politically is wrong-headed and should be abandoned in favor of doing the business of the people through the shouts of the unhappy special interest groups.Regardless of the new unlimited money flowing into our Elections,i truly believe the people will send failed political incumbents packing in November.We the people can see right through the rhetoric and no matter how many commercials and air time are purchased,the constant flow of confusing information will wilt in the face of the our Constitution and the power of a each vote.
Home life this week will be interesting because the kids are on vacation this week.I have a few activities planned,including trips to the library and some local museums and landmarks.There is a local contest sponsored by our Newspaper that hides a medallion outside with a $1000 reward for finding it as a way to motivate people to get outside and spend time together and i like trying to participate every year.So far we haven't ever won,but it is a great way to get the kids outside in the winter weather.We bundle up and i try to make a fun adventure out of it.My wife works alot of hours so the kids really enjoy any time we get as a family together.I usually bring our two dogs to get some exercise as well,but our eldest dog,Sugaree,is now 14 and having a difficult time getting around.She is the most awesome companion and extremely protective of the children,as is Rahjah,our male.I really get a lump in my throat when i think of anything happening to either one,although my love for them will not allow for any selfishness either.Anyone who has taken a dog for their final walk knows how difficult it can be,but it is part of the responsibility you assume when you bring one of these guys into your family.Making sure they have your constant presence and the reassuring sound of your voice and touch is critical to limiting the pain you will feel from the loss of a piece of your heart when the time comes.The picture today is of Sugaree with her friend,our cockatiel sunnygirl,on her back.They are the best of friends and if she is out of her cage she is either on me or sugaree looking for some attention.She is a lovable little bird that we rescued from a troubled home.As i close this post let me again say until next time,thank you for reading. spacewalker

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