Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday February 10th 2010

Another day,another slow crawl of no progress in washington.The talk of Bi-partisanship echoes through the halls of congress falling on deaf ears from both parties.Republicans are riding a wave of public discontent with Washington and the general direction the democratic agenda is headed.The tea party movement has them convinced,to their detrament in my opinion,that they will be the benefactors of this wave of distrust in the public arena.In my opinion this public distrust will be bad for both parties and i think many incumbants are going to need to be freshening up their resumes for a job hunt.Our Nation deserves proper representation and we need a totally new set of faces and voices in Washington.When the group of voters that matters the most now,independants,deciede that they can make a real and decisive change together the leaders of both parties need to be worried.
With the crude class prejudices rear their ugly head and the "upper crust" of our society were most of the politicians find their roots believe they can disregard the way middle and lower classes see their country heading in the wrong direction,all the money and power in the world won't delay the peoples wishes.Even if the Healthcare bill is not dead yet,refocusing on a jobs agenda for the near term for benefits in novembers election will strike the fatal blow to it.This will hurt the democrats for sure,but i don't believe after eight years of Bush people are ready to hand the country back to the republicans either.Using class warfare against each other seems to me to be a symptom of a fundemental corruption of the whole democratic process and the way Washington currently operates.We will see as the election nears how they will be handling this,and i will continue to comment along the way.Because political hubris only comes along every four years,we will see how far incumbants will run to the fringes to win re election.
I am still struggling with a change in my medicine for my back problems.It is very difficult to readajust to new doses or even new medicines due to the lag time in metabolising most drugs.Usually only a week but sometimes can take several weeks or even a month.This particular instance seems to be the latter unfortunatly for me,but i will eventually find the right combination i suppose.In the meantime i will try to keep my moods in check and enjoy the family.Today the pics are of my son Jer at his first concert featuring a favorite guitarist of ours whom i mentioned in my post yesterday.Until next time,thank you for reading. Spacewalker

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