Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday May 10th 2010

Today i will begin my post as usual with commentary on some news stories and then try to add a little family news.This will be my first post speaking about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico at length because i was very hopeful it would be over by now.This is not the case and i must say i am disgusted with the handling of the catastrophe,and had high expectations they would have a solution by now,but as we all know this is not the case.I am hopeful that with all the modern technology we should be able to fix this mess.Unfortunately for all of us and the whole of the natural world this is not the case,the depth of this wellhead makes any type of repair almost impossible. Pressure at such depths ruin any equipment that is used to repair this type of disaster.We are not any closer than we were in the days immediately following the explosion and subsequent sinking of this deep water platform to stopping the flow of unmeasurable barrels per day into a very fragile and already stressed ecosystem.This is a situation we were told was almost impossible to occur and that the safety measures in place would be more than adequate to prevent this type of unstoppable flow of oil into the ocean.Obviously this was not just an exaggeration but an outright lie on the part of the companies who do this type of deep water exploration and extraction of this fossil fuel we are all so dependant on.In my opinion this mess shows the disconnect of the American people have from reality in not only this one very important area,but in all areas of collective interest including the many Wars our current Federal Government officials have we the people engaged in.We are so intensely focused on our own life situations that this type of thing is just a story in the news to be ignored.If the citizens of our nation were actively involved and attentive to what our elected officials are engaged in with this and so many other issues,we could be proud and comfortable with how these officials represent our Nation to the world.I am sorry to say the only thing that gets the attention of the citizens of this nation is either a National disaster of epic proportions such as this or a story about some Hollywood or music industry or sports stars private personal problems.Because the broken corrupt media of this nation not only has failed to inform the public of the true nature of the State of our union but will continue to put stories that should be left to tabloid rags ahead of real honest reporting of unbiased important issues that should matter to us all.The deeper and longer that the details of this story of the oil spill disaster slowly emerge the more i am convinced that not only is our political system in need of reform,i really believe we need a wholesale revamping of all the rules and laws used to elect these folks who represent us in Washington.The whole of the Congress needs to be thrown out on their collective asses and we need all new and uncorrupted representation for our nation not only to get beyond this oil spill disaster,but to actually survive as the last free and Democratic nation on the planet.In my opinion without brand new elected officials on the Federal level,which i obviously know is impossible,the Country as a whole is headed down the path to collapsing under the weight of all the poor decisions these officials have made over the whole of my lifetime.I cannot foresee any other result due to the fractured nature of the citizenry,the fact that money now is equal with free speech in the eyes of our Federal Judiciary,and the entrenched nature of the broken corrupt Political system that our current Federal,State and local officials work under.
I am not surprised when i hear all the finger pointing and name calling surrounding the levels of accountability that are supposed to be in place to mediate the awful consequences of this unprecedented oil spill and its resulting impact on the ecosystem and economy of not only our nation but the whole of the planet we share with the rest of the globe. Citizenry whom we seem to ignore when it comes to our actions in contrast with how they affect the rest of the world.This oil spill debacle will prove to the rest of the world that we are wholly unprepared to deal with this and many other problems that we always expound our preparedness for.Not only are we not prepared to accept our responsibilities to this and future generations for the destructive nature of our extravagant and self indulgent lives,we continue to try to expand not only our own,but global economies due to the fact that growth is the only way to continue down this very destructive path of using fossil fuels as our main energy source.We need to immediately and unconditionally recognise that this is not only an unsustainable way of life,but that a change to a sustainable resource based energy system must take precedence over any and all other issues we face together as a global community.The people who are at the top of our tiered society,the small percentage whom hold the majority of the wealth, must either prepare to give back a large portion of their assets and future aspirations for more and more power and money to the rest of the citizens who are in the middle or at the bottom,or watch from their ivory towers as the whole of our collective planet burns down like a Forrest of drought ridden timber that routinely burns across the western half of our country.Of course i realise this is not only an unrealistic vision,but truthfully looking at the fractured nature of our citizenry i must say that the oil spill is just a small look into the future of how our nation will be subject to the results of this unsustainable lifestyle and the powers that be would not only hope for but will push hard to continue.
At this point of my post i must say that the way that any and all opposition to the true nature of the corrupt political and judicial systems of our "free and democratic" nation are marginalised and kookified by media and government officials is the standard procedure. The system must continue to function in its current cloak of lies and misrepresentations and secrecy to keep the folks at those levels in power,and to continue to fracture and separate us into small groups that are in constant opposition of each other in order to keep the focus on what divides us instead of what should bind us together is in their best interest.It matters not what your religion or race,your political or economic position,we will all be subject to the horrible consequences of not addressing collectively the issues that must be solved before we can have any kind of a real chance at a prosperous life for our children and grandchildren,and all the future generations of this planet.To push labels on peoples beliefs is just the easiest way for divisions to be created and will continue to push us apart as the folks at the top continue to exploit the resources and the people of our entire planet for their own personal benefit.The use of terms like "conspiracy theorists" and "far left" or "far right"help to drive a wedge between the people who are brave enough to speak out against the current atmosphere in Political and Public arenas,especially those that threaten to stem the flow of money to Corporations that are at the core of the reason our system is not only broken,but in my opinion fatally flawed.Every time there is a catastrophe of national significance,whether it is of environmental or economic or political in nature,there is hearings at the national level so officials can parade folks at fault in the classic perp walk for the public.They sit behind their charade of pretending to care and want to bring the public justice for wrongs suffered while at the same time personally being enriched by the very same folks they are parading in front of the cameras.It is very common to use divisive issues to fracture groups of citizens against each other and get the focus on unsolvable issues that cannot be agreed upon for personal political or religious reasons.Media will focus on the arguing and hateful rhetoric instead of things that would be powerful and sustainable reasons to work collectively for results that would benefit the greater good of us all as brothers and sisters of the same human family.It is very easy to toss the issues that divide us as a people into the fray,the hardest thing to do is put the good of the nation ahead of personal political or financial goals as an individual.As a fairly young Nation of a continuing and evolving Constitutional Democracy free speech is one of the cornerstones of the founders vision for us as a nation,but in this time of saturation of cable TV and Internet opinions by folks from every corner of society this becomes somewhat blurring to the truth.We can have differing opinions on issues,this is very natural and healthy,but when the air becomes saturated with so many different peoples views on each and every issue that is in need of a decisive answer that any kind of collective agreement becomes not only improbable,but impossible.This is why it is much easier to push citizens into a fight about issues that of vital importance so the status quo is retained.If you look at the way our Government cannot solve one single issue of National importance without partisan language against the opposing side the reality of this current dilemma becomes apparent.Oil soaking the coastline of the gulf of Mexico becomes a stark and visible stain on the nature of where we are as a nation and as the how we are viewed as the worlds sole remaining "superpower".We as a nation cannot continue to rely on fossil fuel for energy anymore than we can continue to allow corporations to control our Political system with financial dominance.It seems to me that if we do,the resulting destruction of our planet will leave nothing to the future generations but environmental and financial calamity.
As the other stories in the news currently continue to revolve around divisive issues,i really must confess i am very sad about the prospects for resolution of even one of the many issues we must face up to.The fact that there are so many groups of angry citizens standing against the way things are currently headed.With all the Financial problems across the globe continuing to spiral downward,and the economic consequences of the oil spill yet to be realised,it is very difficult to find something that may shine a light on some sort of positive progress to the issues that will affect us all.I am very hopeful that the oil slick and resulting environmental mess it will leave us may just be the catalyst to push the majority of citizens to agree that fossil fuel is the energy source of the past,and that sustainable resources are the only way forward.If this is the case,it will become very obvious in the coming months as we suffer together the environmental and economic consequences of this unprecedented disaster that will in my opinion not only affect the coastlines of the continental United States but the entire world.
The family news again is kind of static,nothing much has changed since my last post.One thing that has changed however is the family car that we find ourselves driving.We reached the end of a four year lease on the 2006 Chevy Cobalt that we have enjoyed driving for the past four years.So as we looked around to try for another car we found a very tight credit market for folks like us who haven't established credit appropriate to our ages.Neither one of us have owned a house or any other major asset which hurts our ability to qualify for a loan.So to make a long story short after two weeks of being denied we went to a dealer recommended by a family friend and at the last moment qualified for a fairly high interest loan on a new 2010 Chevy Cobalt.This new car has some options we did not have in our last car,and i am happy with it because my wife really likes it.I feel like she deserves to drive a nice car because she works very hard to support me and the kids,and as long as this continues to build our credit the high interest is worth cutting other expenses that are not essential.I included two pics today,one of the old car we just returned and one of the new car.My wife is standing next to the old car just to distinguish between the two.So i will end here for now,until next time thank you for reading. spacewalker

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