Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedsday May 5th 2010

Today i will begin with commentary on some issues in the national news and then i will try to include some family news as well.The news is filled with reports surrounding the failed terrorist attack in NYC.The usual scare tactics employed by officials to turn an attack like this into a political opportunity has already begun.The mayor of NYC is going to Washington to attack my Constitutional right to bear arms with this rediculous attempt to use this terrorist attack to attempt to furthur his political agenda.I am extremely offended at this blatent disregard for our Constitution and for the scores of American men and women in our military who have fought and died for Freedom.As the mayor tries to use this excuse to furthur a political agenda,i have faith in our bedrock principles that were put in place at the founding of our nation.The founders of this nation were very aware of the rich and powerful using the tools of the state to disregard the people's rights.This also throws in stark contrast the argument between the "living document" and the other side of that in our battle against the powers that be.In the "living document" arguments,especially against our right to bear arms,the rich and powerful forces like to say things like "the founders would never have imagined semi-automatic weapons in the hands of civilians."this argument,i am glad to say,will shortly be put to rest by the Supreme Court.They are a short time away from issuing their judgement about this issue and when they do,i am confident we will be done with the attack by the Mayor of NYC and his friends like George Soros and Rebecca Peters.The court is days away from issuing their opinion about incorporation of the second amendment under the fourteenth amendment.This will make State pistol permit regulation and all other capricious and arbitrary State laws unconstitutional.The court ,for the past century,has used what is referred to as "selective incorporation" of the bill of rights.The fourteenth amendment specifically places the authority over certain rights in the bill of rights to the Federal Government,removing unconstitutional state restrictions completely.This will make State Pistol Permits unconstitutional along with "assult weapon"bans and all other attempts to remove the ability of law abiding citizens to defend life and personal property with firearms.This is going to be a day i will celebrate and will talk more about when the ruling comes out.As far as this ruling is concerned,it will be the single most important ruling to come out of the court related to personal freedoms in our nation.Along with the Heller ruling,which cemented an individual right to bear arms against the attempt to make it not an individual right,but a "collective"right that an individual would need state permission for,this will finally end this particular attack on our Constitutional rights.As the last free and democratic nation on the planet to allow private citizens to defend themselves against criminal assult and over-reaches by a bloated and corrupt State and Federal Government which has been corrupted by money,this will be the most important decision related to individual rights in the last hundred years at least.If the social order were to break down,wheather from natural or man made disaster,State and Federal authorities will be protecting vital infastructure and the citizenry will be left to defend itself.Without the second amendment we would be at their mercy and would suffer the dire consequences of Officials like the mayor of NYC.He thinks we are not capable of having the rights our founders intended to stop the very over-reaches by authorities like the one we will witness today as The Mayor of NYC testifies before Congress.He will use his tired arguments and lies in front of the whole of the nation and be exposed for what he is,a billionaire who believes he knows better than the founders of our nation.So this argument may continue,and billionaires like The mayor of NYC and George Soros may continue to fund anti-gun organisations, but we can be secure in the knowledge that once the incorporation question is put to rest their power to restrict our right to bear arms will be severely impaired.Only Federal regulation will be allowed and it will be the same from California to Texas,from New York to Colorado,and concealed carry will be the law of the land.This ruling will allow ordinary citizens to defend themselves,their families and their property against criminals and any other real and obvious threats to life and liberty.As a young man my father taught me about guns,gun safety,proper care and handling of guns,and of course how to acurately sight and shoot a gun,and i will do the same with my two sons.I am very privileged and lucky to be a citizen of a nation with such freedoms and liberties,and will exercise and teach these rights to my children as my father did for me.I wait in anticipation of this ruling and am very confident with the current conservative make up of the court that the founders ideals will be upheld with this soon to be released decision.Proir to this fight at the highest levels of our democratic legal system,government law enforcement and justice system officials wanted to limit this right by saying it was a collective right reserved for only State sanctioned law enforcement and military personel,and when they lost that argument the State again tried to impose its will with only allowing certain people who could meet unfair requirements and that individuals need the states permission to own weapons.No more will this be the case,no more state pistol permits or restrictions against military style weapons will be allowed.As i eagerly await this decision i will continue to comment on this issue and would be glad to read and respond to any and all readers questions and comments as well.
Another thing that i found in the news today was that Washington DCs city council has deceided to allow medical marijuana in the district.This is another victory for the people of this nation and another step toward ending another failed "war" that was declared on the very citizens of this nation that the government is supposed to be there to serve.This will be the 15th place,the other 14 being states,to allow medical marijuana,and may also be a step forward in allowing our agricultural system to grow industrial hemp.We are one of the last democratic nations on the planet that still outlaws growing the benign and beneficial plant for industrial and personal use.This is because,in my opinion,our government makes billions of dollars confiscating property and possesions of people who are found in possesion of marijuana.The Federal Government and State Governments are very far behind the rest of the world on this subject,and need to be forced by the people to abandon this failed "war on drugs" and adopt sensible laws and regulations surrounding Marijuana and Hemp.This may remove a large portion of their budgets due to the nature of the current atmosphere around this issue,but it is the only fair and proper way forward in a nation where personal freedom and liberty should always trump overreaches by State and Federal law enforcement agencies.The old tired arguments used against this plant need to be chucked into the ashbin of history as a failed and unfair assult against the citizens of this nation.For me to put these two subjects into the same post was purposeful and i wanted to do this to make a point.We are living in a time of great volitility and uncertainty,and a movement against overreaches by Government authorities is at a new level,any and all subjects need to be put on the table and discussed rationally by all the parties involved.Fear tactics and false threats of terrible consequences surrounding these issues need to be put aside by both sides so that we can reach realistic conclusions and enact fair and reasonable federal laws to govern a sensable and realistic national answer to complicated but possible solutions to these and many other issues facing us as a nation.
I will continue to comment on these issues as i move along with my writing,and i hope to get some input by readers of this blog if possible.Truth be told it seems i write and no one seems to read it,but even just as a log of my personal opinions may be useful for my children in the future when i am no longer around.This particular blog i wanted to put these subjects together because it is just silly that we cannot have civil discussions about difficult issues without finger pointing and name calling causing the conversation to be divisive with no conclusion.I truely believe we all need to be able to sit at the same table to talk about any and all issues without the conversation degrading into hateful and useless arguments.
Family news is fairly uneventful recently,and i continue to work to get the local school system to give my children the opportunities they deserve.The situation is unchanged since my last post on the subject but as the situation develops i will comment more.My struggle with my back problems also remains unchanged as my decision about allowing more surgery has not been finalised yet.I am very frustrated with the fact that i cannot find any releif that is lasting,and the medicine continues to hamper my ability to have any semblance of a normal existance.The side effects are brutal and i hope that someday soon the medical community will understand and therefore be able to treat patients like me.My wife continues to work hard to provide for our family,and i am very lucky to have her support in this difficult struggle with my health.She is kind and helpful and very understanding of the effects chronic pain has on my abilities as her spouse.I love her with all my heart and feel very blessed to have such a compassionate partner in this troubled and difficult time.I feel very very lucky to have my family,my wife and children give me a reason to continue along with gratitude and appreciation for what blessing i have been given.The pic today is of sunset at my favorite place in the world,Sandy Pond,off the bow of the family fishing boat.I will end here for now,until next time thank you for reading. spacewalker

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