Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday March 12th 2010

Today i am starting this post talking about some personal pain related difficulties i am having.I suppose it is just cathartic to be able to write this stuff down and move on so i am grateful for this place for giving me that ability.I am really having quite a difficult time managing my pain issues lately,especially not being able to sleep.Last night i went to bed around 1:30 am and awoke again around 4:30 absolutely soaked through in a cold sweat.I was'nt due for another dose if medicine until 6:00 am and the time crawled by so slow it felt like forever.Now it is around 2:30 pm here and i am not due again until 6:00pm,and my pain is almost unbearable.I am an insufferable bastard to be around and i feel horrible that my wife and children are stuck with me.It seems so unfair but at the same time i feel i should be grateful,and i do,for the blessings in my life.I would feel silly to list them now but needless to say no matter what my physical body is feeling matters not to the spiritual and mental part.It can begin to affect or infect all parts of my life if i allow it to,this horrible beast they call"chronic pain" that so many folks are saddled with along with me.Of special inspiration to me are wounded warriors back from the war zone and their families.These folks are the salt of the earth and i respect and admire every one of them.They endure so much in their struggle to return to some sense of normalcy and i am very grateful for their patriotic sacrifice.For me to complain in the face of their burdens seems offensive because i should be grateful i can walk and do things like take the dogs around the block.Simple little things that remind me no matter how bad i hurt i am still lucky.
Watching the process in Washington is sometimes likened to sausage making because it is something people would prefer not to watch or know about.Well i personally think we need to pay very close attention to this national political scene as we have time forThese Politicians like nothing better than have the public look the other way while they do their backroom deals and make decisions that will affect us all.We can no longer sit on the sidelines while these people enrich themselves and fail to address the people's business in any substanative way.Immediatly after election they immediatly go right back into campaign mode and start collecting money for next time.We must have some kind of term limits to stop carreer politicians and bring our democracy back to the small,limited,by the people for the people vision of our founders.I am hopeful this next election can bring some sanity to the process down there,but i don't know if that will be possible.Hope springs eternal,but reality and truth can sometimes suffocate our ability to have faith in the process.Personally i will continue to try and comment and hopefully see some results on issues that need to be addressed like job creation and greening our economy.I believe it will be at least a decade to retrofit factories here to produce windmills and small portable nuclear reactors that do not require cooling,as well as other products to move us away from fossil fuels and coal burning powerplants.This is not going to be easy,and we need to entice global corporations to make these investments here and not elsewhere where they can have cheap labor and lax enviornmental regulations.We shall see,until next time,thank you for reading. spacewalker

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