Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday March 10th 2010

I am going to begin todays post with a smile on my face as today is another beautiful sunny day,and the kids went off to school in a very good mood.My night was difficult as usual,but greeting my children in a good mood before sending them off to school is a must.It is very hard to do sometimes,but warm sunshine always helps to start things nicely.Bringing our dogs outside to check their wee mails is also much more pleasant with the sun shining.The family has also been boosted recently by good news at my wifes job.She works as a custodian at a large airport and has been employed there for 7 years now.Most of that time she has had an uncomfortable relationship with her boss.The reason is unclear,but this guy had it out for my wife and was gunning to mar her perfect work record.Well to make a very long story short,the man was fired by the new administration in charge of the airport.My wife is finally getting some recognition for her very strong abilities and spotless work record.This may someday translate into a promotion and raise,but we don't want to look too far ahead.This has made her feel alot better about going to work and a happy work environment leads back to a happier home environment.
In the news today the usual continues in Washington,gridlocked congress with no chance of anything getting done.The rediculous nature of the stalemate is,as i have eluded to in prior posts,due to the short term political advantage that is so beneficial to whomever holds it at the time.As the political environment sours and gets worse and worse,i hope enough voters realise that incumbancy is road to complacency and vote for new and fresh faces to send to Washington.We really are at a crossroads in our democracy,in my humble opinion,that is going to take us either up and out of this horrible economic mess and away from political obstructionism,or we will collapse further into financial distress and government failure.Even the smartest economists and most brilliant political scientists cannot predict where this will find a bottom,and i believe that political paralysis in the US can have enormous negative impact on the economy.In the middle of what most likely will be a double dip recession,these things could spiral from recession to depression in unsettlingly fast ways because of this new global economic environment.If the Health care reform act passes through reconcilliation nothing further will be possible until after novembers election.I hope somehow these Political leaders can act in the best interests of Americans and not their own re-election campaigns.Anyways,until next time,thank you for reading. Spacewalker

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