Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday March 9th 2010

Today's weather here in upstate NY is sunny and a balmy 42 degrees.It is great to feel the sunshine on my face as i started the day.Our family's morning routine starts at 6:15 so the kids can be dressed clean and fed by the time the bus arrives at 7am on the nose.The kids morning bus driver is a really nice guy who greets both me and the children with a wave and a smile.The rapid pace of the morning schedule usually continues with basic domestic duties as most households do,sometimes interrupted by my inability to stand for any long period of time.The chronic pain issues i have discussed in past posts really limit my ability to maintain any semblance of a steady routine,but i try my best to start early most days.As the morning progresses into afternoon frequent pauses to lay down are necessary to ease the worst of the pain,which in my case is from my back down my legs and into my feet.The best way to describe it that i use is that of a visual image that i try to articulate of someone striking a large gong with a big striker and seeing the way it vibrates from the center.Every step of my feet i feel a pain the reverberates to my lower back.After standing for a while the pain in my legs is such that i must recline to remove the weight and relieve some of the discomfort at least for the moment.Sometimes reading or writing or other manual tasks can help get my mind off the pain as well.
Continuing on with my commentary related to Washington and the Presidents current agenda of passing health care reform through reconciliation,the parliamentary move both parties use to ram through new legislation without bi-partisan support.This is going to continue to be the focus until the up or down vote the President is calling for.Not sure if she has the votes to even use reconciliation,House speaker Pelosi is being put in a very untenable situation that won't fare well for the democrats no matter which way the final tally turns out.Our system seems to be hopelessly locked in this awful cycle of no co-operation between parties going as far as to cripple the process and put a stranglehold on any progress in either direction.The American people are not ready to allow any more of this nonsense and seem poised to hand the democrats some very costly defeats come this November.The republicans do not look like they stand to reap all the benefits of this wave of public distaste for all insiders and incumbents.The "tea party movement" is being marginalised by the media but stand to endorse third party and outside the mainstream candidates from both sides.Most of the media outlets,in my humble opinion,are too wrapped up in the opinions and aspirations of their parent companies boards of directors and owners who benefit greatly from reporting news stories through the limited scope of their own financial and political goals,and present the public with such a whitewashed and narrow view as to lose any credibility as a honest broker of the public trust given to previous generations of news organizations.
On to other stories in the news related to the health care legislation,Rep.Eric J. Massa,who went from saying cancer,then his behavior related to charges by a male aide,now says the White House pressured his resignation because he didn't support the President's position on the bill now pending.Of course this freshman congressman is from New York,adding his name to the long list of recent corrupt and undignified behaving New York Politicians.All of the other names are well known so i will not dignify them again by listing them now.As a resident of New York i am personally not voting for any incumbents for national,state or local level offices,and will work as my health allows to endorse and support candidates that are new and dynamic who i will hold to a standard that i feel comfortable with personally.I will end here so until next time,thank you for reading. spacewalker

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