Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday March 15th 2010

Today began a usual Monday with the kids,and again as usual i was on about four hours sleep.It is difficult but not impossible to greet the day with a smile,i just need to count my blessings and pray for strength.I have alot to do tomorrow as its my Darling wife's birthday.So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wife,i love you with all i got and hope you get to celebrate many many more birthdays with me.We will celebrate with the usual pleasantries,a small cake and giving of gifts,which makes the kids very happy.
Tomorrow is also the too week mark and i haven't heard back from the school about Jeromy's current problems.The sixth grade team and the school psychologist asked me to give them two weeks to ready a plan,but they did not get back to me so i am going to call the school principal tomorrow.I must act in the best interests of my son and i believe he needs something done immediately to prevent an educational crisis from becoming something much worse.This is a critical few years in his adolescent development and social interaction with his peers is vitally important to his chances to succeed in this difficult situation.To hold him back at this point would be ruinous to his self esteem and his confidence.He has thus far been a good student,but apparently passed along without the necessary skills to achieve the results expected in a school with higher academic standards.I will add more tomorrow and as things develop.
I really don't know how or where to begin on national political news as nothing has been brought to a vote yet.The last ditch efforts being made by senior party officials trying to round up the votes necessary to move heath care reform forward are falling on mostly deaf ears.Peoples positions have hardened and the republican position is and will continue to be obstructionist.As the final moments quickly approach it looks possible that it will squeak by with the thinnest of margins in the house and go on to a tougher senate vote on the changes.If this results in some health reform i really am curious what the final product will actually be.With all the compromises the parties involved agreed to it may be more harmful to regular folks like me in the end.My families health issues range widely but needless to say we spend a good amount on health and medical.Every year the cost rise and rise and they cover less and less.The send giant books with amendments and addendum's that would confuse all but the most savvy average citizen.I will comment as the story develops.until next time,thank you for reading. spacewalker

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