Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday March 7th 2010

Today i will begin my post with a little family stuff and then continue to commentary about news and current events.I am very happy to report the children are doing just fine health wise,we are very blessed.As the weather begins to warm i am looking forward to getting our boat back into the water.We are very lucky to have a camp up on the shoreline of lake Ontario,and i look forward to spending family time out fishing.I really enjoy making memories up there for my children just as my parents did for me.Some of my best childhood memories are up at the camp with my parents and brothers and sisters.My dad had a float plane that would be parked out front at the dock,and dad got up very early to fly it in to skaneatles lake where his car was parked.He would go in to the office and then drive back to the plane and fly back up to camp.I remember watching him with his pants of his suit rolled up so he could get in front to turn the prop to start the motor.He was a very kind and gentle man,i only wish we had more time together.
The problems with Jeromy at school still have yet to be resolved and i am very frustrated with the timeline and how this will be resolved before the school year ends.The fact that the 6th grade team of teachers saw at the very beginning there was a significant delay or deficiency in his neccesary basic skills but even when i had my first parent teacher conferance with them it was too late to get any extra help.The classes were already full,during and after school.Now at this late point in the year the team really believes this delay may actually be some sort of learning disability that has gone undiagnosed all this time.I would like to believe they are sincere because i do believe they are overworked and underpaid.That doesn't mean i am excusing them from any responsability at all,but reality is they don't have time to spend helping a student who is as far behind as jeromy no matter what the source of the delay may turn out to be.I will continue to advocate for him and will post updates as they arise.
With Matthew things seem to be going along fairly well in school,he is above grade level with both reading and writing and progressing nicely with his goals put forth in his IEP.For those readers unfamiliar with an IEP it is the Individual Education Plan that is designed specifically for a child with a disability.There is also a 504 plan for kids with learning problems which some refer to as an IEP light.This allows the children access to therapies that are education related,such as physical and occupational therapy and speech therapy as well.Matthew has had an IEP since pre-k and has been very lucky as far as early intervention goes,another reason why i am a little frustrated with the system's apparent overlooking of my older son having some sort of educational delays that are yet to be realised.I have great family who help my wife and i with our challenges in this regard including both my sisters and my wife's sister as well.We are grateful for their help and encouragement.
On to news events and current events.I suppose i should begin with the continued gridlock suffocating our democracy in Washington.The blatent disregard for the peoples business by these Politicians is just sickening.How they continue to do nothing but jockey for political advantage and exploit any mistake while running campaigns for re-election all the while.We wait to see if any of these folks can put partisan political tactics aside to pass some kind of meaningful legislation prior to starting the full fledged campaign activities for this next election.However difficult it may be some of these folks need to learn to accept half a loaf as opposed to no loaf at all.Lets look at the recent example of the Bunning Blockade.Sen.Jim Bunning R-Ky.,used current Senate rules to block a one-month extension of unemployment benefits until it was paid for.While pay-go is a noble notion it is not a sensable policy during the worst recession in decades.Rebublican opposition was in stark contrast to the way democrats view their obligations to provide help during difficult times,while republicans worry about tax relief for rich people.Besides,any compromise on any issue is not a possibility for the forseeable future as long as obstruction continues to reap political advantage that translates into election plans for both sides.Thats all for now,until next time thank you for reading. spacewalker

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