Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday March 13th 2010

Today i will begin my post with how our Saturday is going so far.We began our day early so we could go to the kid's school for activities.They opened up the Gym and the Library for the students and their families to have some fun.We enjoyed playing some basketball and hula hooping,then we just ran around and played tag.Jeromy was really good with the smaller kids rooting for them and giving them praise for doing whatever they were doing at the time.Matthew had alot of fum riding the small rider scooter and running after the other kids.
Next on the agenda was the Saint Patricks day parade.Matthew and Jeromy love to watch parades,but it was very cold and windy so we only stayed for about 15 minutes due to the medical problems i have mentioned in prior posts.After about 40 mins at the school i was already in need of rest,but the weather at the parade pushed my limits to the brink.I wanted a chance to say something to our elected officials from Washington who were marching in the parade,but i could'nt wait around til the end for a meet and greet.
As i have mentioned in prior posts my family and i enjoy music,and i am like to play guitar for fun.Todays pic are of my little set up for playin and singin,a two channel peavy ecoustic amp,my takamine electric acoustic guitar,and a standard microphone and stand from radio shak.My wife also has a small djembe that she will occasionally sit and play while i strum and sing.The other photo is from the Gov't Mule concert Jeromy and i went to that i have also mentioned in prior posts.The pic shows Warren Haynes and Jackie Green playing during the smokin hot 3 song encore they played that night.It was 10/29/09 and the opening act was Jackie Green and his band.Jackie joined Gov't Mule onstage for the encore,Don't let it bring you down>Find the cost of freedom>Ohio.That was the cherry on top of an awesome show for Jer"s first.Here is the setlist minus the aforementioned triple encore:set one;steppin lightly,brokedown on the brazos,railroad boy>monday morning meltdown>forevermore,don't step on the grass sam,banks of the deep end,lively up yourself,soulshine. set two: which way do we run,trampled underfoot,have mercy on the criminal,like flies>LeBrers in a minor tease,drums,the other one w/paint it black and gimmie shelter tease,effigy>hey joe>effigy,folsom prison blues jam>effigy and encore.It was quite a fantastic show and the reason i mentioned it again is because last night in San Fransisco there was a Furthur concert that celebrated an icon of music and one of the founding members of the Grateful Dead,Phil Lesh.His 70th birthday is monday,and he is a liver transplant recipient and very grateful to be alive and still playing music.I admire him as a musician but also as an advocate for organ donation and giving blood,as he promotes at every show,it is something we all can do to help out and give back a little.All you have to do is let your loved ones know you want to be an organ donar if God forbid anything was to happen to you.And giving blood is a good thing to get in the habit of doing as well,so please try your best to do so as it could save someone's life.The concert to celebrate this milestone in Phil's life included guest musicians of which Jackie Green and Chris Robinson of the black crows were among.Jackie Green is worth checking out live if you have the chance,he has an excellent voice and is very enjoyable to watch.
The News of the day remains to be the same old thing in washington,as nothing continues to be the result we can expect.I saw two of my own Senator and also a Congressman marching today in the parade i mentioned,i am glad they at least try to get facetime with the folks they represent.The situation continues to look more and more like Health Care reform will pass with reconcilliation as the only way to pass it now.Speaker Pelosi said "it's going to be historic"on friday,hinting the vote will take place fairly soon.I am eager to see what happens because the atmosphere will turn from bad to worse upon passage of this legislation.We shall see,until next time,thank you for reading. spacewalker

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