Saturday, December 19, 2009

entry # 2

Today is day two of this attempt to retain interest of readers by saying something worthwhile. I will begin to explain a little more about my personal history and why i am making an attempt at blogging.First and foremost are my health issues and the reasons behind my injury imposed seclusion.Having had around 14 back surgeries i have alot of chronic pain issues.I am on a long list of medications related to this,but also am athsmatic and suffer from frequent migraines.These medical conditions have me stuck at home the majority of my time.This allows me ample time to write and when offered this opportunity,i felt it could benefit me greatly.
As an amatuer writer i am used to writing longhand,and for this reason i felt a blog could serve as a good introduction to having folks read and give input on my writing.Plus it will help get me used to using a keyboard to write,which i only started to do around two months ago.My longhand writing usually began by copying the classics for around twenty minutes or so,then i move on to short stories or the novel i am attempting to create.This new way to write and share will be very useful,and i hope to learn and grow along the way.My family is supportive of this as well,in the hope that this will give me a creative outlet.
My wife and I are going to bring our boys over to their Aunts house to make christmas cookies and will return to write some more later.

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