Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturdays second post

I felt the need to post another entry today,as i have been sidelined for the past few days and have some other things i need to include.My children have had a nice couple of days with Christmas and all,and i want to write a little more about them.They are used to me and my limited abilities,but are unable to do things they want to do due to my injury imposed isolation.Being the kid of someone like me is no picnic,as i am unable to perform the simple tasks usually required of dad's at the holidays.I am grouchy and it is difficult to even get out of bed.
My wife is obviously burdened with most household tasks i am unable to accomplish for the children's benefit.She works 40 hrs a week or more as it is,and i could not be more grateful to her for the love and comfort she provides the children and i.Before my back injury i was her partner,now i feel like her obligation.It is a bitter pill for a man to swallow to be physically broken.As the days go by i appreciate her more and more.She has adjusted to this situation so well,and does most things without so much as a word about the unfairness of her heavy load.I am not the person she married anymore and she still loves me just the same.
When the children ask me for something she knows is beyond my physical abilities,she steps in and takes control.Our youngest,Matthew,is in the autism spectrum and can be quite a handful.His brother helps me as well,as much as a 12 year old can.To understand our family i must also include a list of our pet's for readers to grasp how my disabilities affect their daily routines.We have two dogs,one cat and a dozen or so fish.The dogs are akita's and need to be walked several times a day.The cat and the fish are less of a job,but still must be attended to daily.Last but not least is our cockatiel sunnygirl.She is not difficult to keep clean and fed,but when added to the other daily chores she can be a little tough for the kids to handle.Our female akita is 14 and requires extra care due to her age,which also hampers her ability to interact with our other dog who is very large.He could unintentionally injure her just being playful and must be watched closely outside.
My physical limitations hamper my ability to perform these and many other daily obligations.To be a worthwhile partner to my wife is one of the reasons i have not completely ruled out more surgery,and the limits imposed on me by my body are not life ending.I am lucky to have a great family and friends,a home and the ability to freely speak my mind.These are things alot of folks are deprived of,and i must appreciate all of them.Continuing this struggle,no matter how difficult it becomes,is the only way forward.Thank you for reading,and goodbye until next time. Spacewalker

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