Friday, December 18, 2009

My first blog

Well,this is my first entry in what i hope will be a long and interesting experience.Before i begin,i would like to publicly thank my friend and fellow deadhead Tigerlilly without whom this would not have been possible.She was very giving of her time in the creation of this blog.I am very grateful to her for her efforts in creating this opportunity for me to write.I am an amatuer at best,but will try to make it interesting enough to read.
I am going to be writing on a wealth of different things,from raising a family,to world events,political and social opinions and so on.I will keep it restricted to events and topics that interest me,unless asked by readers to comment on a particular story.My personal story will slowly come together as i write,and i hope that anything i share from my personal life will somehow put my views in context.As a blogger i will try to edit my comments to be viewed by all,without censoring myself to much.I personally have very different views on a wide variety of subjects,some of which i will list in this initial blog.I want readers to get a sense of what i intend to accomplish with this endeavor.
This is also an appropriate place to thank my older sister and her husband who were kind enough to gift me a computer.They are both dedicated scholars and teachers and i have tremendous love for them both.I respect all the members of my large and extended family,all of whom i am sure to elaborate on at a later date.My immediate family,my wife and two wonderful boys are the love of my life.They give me more joy every day than anyone deserves.I am lucky to have a stable home and family during these tough times.I hope to share more about about the challenges of raising a family and other related topics soon.
For many years now i have been fairly homebound due to a back injury,and i enjoy writing as a pastime to help with my injury imposed seclusion.It helps me to write anything,but fiction,especially science fiction and fantasy are my favorites.Piers Anthony is my absolute number one author in that area.I have been reading and enjoying his work for many long years now.I also enjoy reading and writing about all aspects of world history.My personal background is Irish Catholic/Greek Orthodox,so i have a particular focus is on those two lately.I am lucky to still have my Mother around,but my Father has been gone since 1987.Learning about my personal history going back generations through a family tree is also something i actively research.
Because of my health issues i may sometimes go several days or more without posting,but i hope this is going to work into a daily routine of writing down my thoughts and dreams for my life.To elaborate a little more on my backround i will also note i enjoy the music of the grateful dead and other bands i occasionally travel to watch perform live.I play guitar for personal enjoyment,and also like to freshwater fish and target shoot.Spending time with my wife and kids is my first priority,but these are things i do when my health issues allow.
I am going to end this first post by saying thank you again to the people in my life who have made this possible.Tigerlilly,if you read this please accept my sincere gratitude for all your wonderful effort in making this happen.It is a tremendous honor
to have the ability to write in this fashion.It will be so beneficial to be able to write under the impression that someone actually may read it!This is a place i will continue to share and hopefully find a receptive audience.My gratitude also extends to all my new chat friends who know who they are.The list is very large and i am grateful to them all for their kindness and compassion in these last many weeks.until next time i say goodbye and thank you for reading.

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