Monday, December 21, 2009


Today i brought Nya,a little kitten rescued from the street in to get her leg x-rayed to see if her break has healed up.The poor thing was abandoned with a fracture to her rear left leg,and has had a cast for about 5 weeks.She is a very active playful little cat,and it would be a wonderful x-mas gift for her to be properly healed and cast free.We have also rescued another cat,age about 8 to 10 months,that was abandoned in our neighborhood.Our family budget is tight but we cannot bare to see animals left to fend for themselves in this harsh winter weather.
For the kids,this is one of the best times of the year.But for the adults the season can be more than stressful,it can be ruinous.I have seen it time and again,people who just fall apart from the strain.I am personally looking forward to friday mornings excitement,but can't wait for it to be over either.My youngest son Matthew is in the autism spectrum,and his wish list to Santa will be difficult to complete.He and his brother are the most wonderful gifts we have ever received and hopefully we can make it fulfilling and joyful for them.We try to impart the true "reason for the season"which can be a difficult challenge in todays commercial marketplace.
The headlines of the day are mostly focused on the healthcare bill the senate voted on last night.My opinion on this matter is suprisingly simple considering the coplexities of the debate.I truly believe we need reform in the healthcare and insurance industry's but don't support this current legislation.My family is very active in the political arena and it can lead to spirited debate during family holiday gatherings.For example,we have a republican,a democrat,and two independant's among my five siblings.Being disabled from a work related injury since 1999,my stake in this debate is enormously high.
Later this afternoon i am going to my pain specialist for an appointment related to my Back problems.I am almost completely sure i am not going to consent to any more surgery,which is severely restricting my options for the future.This decision is monumental to me because it means i must resign myself to the condition i now find myself.This is difficult to articulate,but chronic pain can be a very debilitating and isolating condition.It leaves me personally unable to perform everyday tasks that are a simple for most folks.Dishes,laundry,house cleaning tasks,and honey do lists all sit half done or worse.What can seem small and insignificant becomes large and imposing.
Remembering the suffering in the world helps put my personal suffering in perspective to me in a sense.When the War dead are listed on my favorite news program,the Newshour with Jim Lehrer on PBS,they show the pictures of each one of those fallen men and woman,and i stand up and speak their name and age and hometown.I do this out of respect to each of these heroic warriors and their families ultimate sacrifice for my and my families freedom.And the daily struggles i am faced with seem to become less of a burden,and more a constant reminder that i am very lucky no matter how hard it seems.until next time, spacewalker

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