Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sundays post

Well,i got some feedback on the blog and it made me think about my chosen topic for this endeavor.I am not a very interesting subject,and if i ever expect folks to be interested in what i write i better choose a topic other than myself.Being homebound for the last decade has left me a tad isolated and being new to this i appreciate any and all feedback.My personal story is not going to interest most folks,so i am going to try to examine other things that may interest readers.Things in my life that i am able to comment about with some personal experience.
I must admit i feel like i am the only subject that i am comfortable writing about.To be interesting and readable i must write about politics or music,or maybe another topic that folks enjoy.But my life is about all the subject matter i have available currently.As this continues i will expand with whatever subject matter i feel i can comment on with honesty and integrity.I am a huge Grateful Dead fan,i draw and play guitar,and will bring these topics up as well from time to time.Using this blog to express personal stories and opinions is what i expected to do,and will continue to do until i find a topic that folks want me to comment on.
Things are difficult for me physically,but my chronic pain is a burden i must personally face.If that is something that i can turn into an interesting topic for a blog is another matter.If it was something more visable and obvious people may think differently,but right now i feel like its a topic folks don't find worth following.I may need to start writing about it elsewhere and keep this for a more enjoyable topic.Please feel free to suggest anything to me as i am very enthusiastic about this as a way to learn and grow as an amateur writer.To expand on the daily struggle with chronic pain may help me,but it won't expand the amount of people who read what i write.Until next time,goodbye and thank you for reading...spacewalker

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