Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Dec.28th post

I am writing this post after speaking to someone about Socialism and European Freedoms.The citizens of European countries are not allowed to own firearms unless issued a permit by the government.In my opinion this is not freedom.Individuals have a natural right to defend themselves from predators in all situations,especially in their own home.All types of predators include individual criminals,groups of criminals,and Tyrannical States.In order to seize guns,the Corrupt governments first move is always licensing and registration of firearms.In order to seize guns they must know who has them.
In england at the turn of the century there were few gun control laws and low crime rates.Since the numerous laws enacted to strip private citizens from owning firearms,the crime rates have risen.Violent crimes especially have not been reduced.Currently our own government has been using crime statistics from Mexican authorities,and claiming 90% of firearms confiscated are from the United States.The real number is more accurately around 17%.Machine guns,Anti-aircraft weapons and fragmentation grenades found in raids on Mexican cartels do not come from a
American Gun Shops or gun shows,which are not allowed these types of weapons.They come from Arms dealers or Governments.
Converting the basic right to self defense to a privilege granted by the Federal Government is a goal of the current Administration.This will soon be addressed by the Supreme court as it decides weather or not the 2nd amendment is incorperated under the 14th amendment,meaning it applies to the states.This will further cement the right to keep and bear arms that our founding fathers included in our founding documents.I personally fully support this right and exercise it as often as i can.From individual state and federal restrictions,to internationally sponsored Treaties like the Clinton administrations Cifta from 1997,a small arms trafficking treaty,need to be rejected as ineffective and dangerous.
The biggest killer of people has always been governments and their surrogate militias.All you need to do is look toward Iran and see what the government is doing to the people protesting.All it takes is for the people in power to feel threatened to evoke a violent crackdown on people non-violently protesting tyranny.It seems the last armed civil citizenry on the planet will have to fight tooth and nail to continue living in a free and open democratic society with all the rights and freedoms granted by our founding documents and God above.I for one will be right here listening and commenting until i am no longer able.Until next time thank you for reading.............Spacewalker

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