Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday January 1st

Today is the first day of a brand new year.Its very difficult to explain but i am both happy and sad to welcome another year.Sad because it seems my options for any relief from my health issues are very few.It is very hard to accept this is how i must go through each day.My body is so racked with pain and the meds are only providing minimal help.The surgery that i need is just too risky and gives no real hope to me that i will get better.
At the same time i have two boys that offer me great reasons to look ahead with hope.Even if i continue to get worse physically,these guys get stronger and smarter and bring me joy every day.When i look at them it reminds me of all the potential each one of us holds.One person can make all the world take notice.My children are a gift that i am grateful for each and every day.To that end i must also thank my wife for all her help and love she provided me with in the past year.having some computer problems so i will end for now by saying good bye and thanks for reading....spacewalker

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