Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thursday January 28th 2010

Well i did it,i posted a pic of my back.Hopefully readers won't be too offended as i was trying to just give a visual to show the reason behind my talking here about my physical challenges.Many people suffer back problems and the common nature of it is one reason it is sometimes misunderstood.My hope is that i may benefit from sharing my story and hopefully someone along the way may understand a little more about the life of someone in chronic pain.Along with many other ailments,chronic pain affects not only the patient,but the family as well.Limitations on social engagements and travel,as well as limited physical interaction affect the family unit in a profound way.Tremendous effort is neccessary to acomplish any type of schedule as i am unable to get up for long periods and miss alot of important childhood milestones in sporting events and the like.Bowling or basketball,skiing or soccer,dad not being there is just unacceptable.
I do my best to attend any and all of any extracarricular activity my children participate in,but i cannot control the physical barriers in my way.Lucky for me i have a great wife and two great kids and we get through these struggles together.As i mentioned in last nights post it is sometimes difficult to accept help and as a man i must admit pride gets in the way as well.The struggle with pain sometimes feels like it has the whole family stuck in this vaccum with no foreseeable way out.I hope as each day goes by i can find way to alleviate the burden of my health issues on my family.They deserve all the opportunity and happiness that there is and i will continue to do my best every day to see that i support them
The president made his state of the union speech tonight.As usual he was a brilliant speaker,and his words were measured and confident.He took the congress to task for its inability to function and the partisan nature of the debate.The problem as i see it is that nothing is going to change the way things are until there is a complete sweep of the incumbants that are up for re-election in november.This is highly unlikely,but losses on the democratic side seem a foregone conclusion.Losing the supermajority in the senate and several dozen congressioal seats will prove disasterous to the presidents agenda and could possibly leave his re-election in doubt.The fact that our government is functioning in a psuedo parlimentary manner will leave any progress on any of the important legislation out of the question until after the november elections.I will continue to watch and comment as this story develops.until next time thank you for reading. spacewalker

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