Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday January 19th 2010

Today started out real good for me and the kids.We all were up at 6:25 and each of us were happy to greet a new day.We ate a little breakfast of sliced apples and grape juice and flew through the morning hygiene routine without a hitch.With the weather being cold and damp my pain level is fairly high,but slightly mitigated due to the ease of our bright and happy awakening.The kids were off on the bus at 7:00 on the nose,and i did my best to walk our dogs.i am working on a older laptop due to the computer problems i mentioned in previous posts.It works fine and i am grateful to have it,again a gift from a kind family member.My older brother was kind enough to let me have it and i really appreciate it.I am very lucky to have a large family that gets together regularly.We all have our extended family groups that spread us out,but we always find ways to spend some time with one another.I still am fairly new at this and will write occasionally about family matters that i feel will make worthwhile reading.Notable stories that are headline news lately include the Haitian eathquake tragedy.This story gets worse by the day with the number of dead topping 200,000 as of todays estimates.A million homeless and the scope of the devastated infastructure is just beginning to come into focus.Sitting here it is difficult to be struggling with issues of such as mine while seeing the level of suffering being endured by the people of Haiti.I feel the same way when i see the Faces of the families of our fallen war heroes,as well as the brave men and women who have come home injured in body mind and spirit.No matter how difficult my struggle seems to me,I must be grateful each and every day for the blessings in my life.Today has started with a smile for me and i hope it has for you as well,as i end this post let me say until next time thank you for reading. spacewalker

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