Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today is another difficult day in my health struggle.I am having a difficult time with my pain control due to the built up tolerance to the medication i take.It is normal and routine to adjust medication for whatever reason,but in pain control it is difficult to find an acceptable dosage that you can maintain for a long period.As my tolerance increases so does my pain level,which in turn sabotages any progress i have made.The muscles need to be used or they begin to loose mass,and that also adds stress on the unused or underused body part,in my case the lower back.
The Doctors at the pain clinic i go to are wonderful and smart,but the field is one that is underesearched and underfunded due to controversial pharmacutical drugs and newer medical devices.The medical devices for long term chronic pain include but are not limited to dorsal column stimulators and drug delivery pumps that are implanted under the skin.My personal experience with the stimulators includes having several implanted and removed with variable success.I got alot of relief but the leads migrated and caused other areas to be stimulated.This had unintended consequences such as painful contraction of my stomach muscles.i will end here as my computer is still having problems.until next time thank you for reading. spacewalker

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