Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday January 23rd 2010

Today i want to begin on the news,as we all know there are some major winds of chance blowin towards Washington.The voters in Mass. sent a message that we are mad as hell and we are'nt gonna take it anymore.How much more obvious can it be that if a republican can take the seat held by the lion of the senate,the late great Ted Kennedy,that this november will be devastating to their chances of any legislation getting to the presidents desk.We all watch from a distance as gridlock and partisan posturing keeps our representatives from any progress on the issues that matter to all of us.Health care,security,foreign policy,the economy,pick which ever one you want and the roadblocks to progress will appear.Lobbyists spread money and influance votes and the average citizen recieves no ability to access their elected representation.Try to call or write to a senator or congressional representative and see what happens.You will either recieve a form letter drawn up by some office clerk and signed with a stamp,or you will speak to someone who promises to relay your concerns to up the ladder.
Seldom if ever do regular folks get granted the unfettered access lobbyists recieve in the halls of congress.To understand how washington functions,average folks like me need to use every avenue available to learn the ropes.These folks who lobby are mostly all former government employees and they are very familiar with the way the offices in the halls of power operate.This gives them the ability to block legislation without ever being brought out to face the same scrutiny that our half-baked media put elected officials under.Now that unlimited funds from corporations and unions will influance the elections through local and national news outlets,citizens can expect less and less from congress.With all the important issues facing our nation,it baffles me that they continue to ignore the will of the people and instead accept meetings,gifts,campaign donations and other perks and expect us to believe they are'nt influanced in their votes made on our collective behalf.As the voters in mass. have shown,we can make a differance if we really want our country back.Instead of making excuses and blaming each other,i hope our reprensentatives finally come together to accomplish something substantial to benefit the people and not special interest groups.But i doubt it will happen.
Whenever i get a chance to impart wisdom or knowlege to my children,no matter where or when,i always mention the fact we all are equals in this world.From the rich and powerful to the poor and meek,we are only four people away from every person on this earth.No matter what your place in this world,you matter.The only differance between poverty and prosperity is a person.We all are important and we all are part of the same family. We need to recognise and acknowlege each other for our importance.My children,just like all kids,struggle with childhood and the difficult challenges it brings,and someday i hope that they grow into productive prosperous citizens.In the meantime the chance to help them along the way is one of the greatest gifts and i really feel lucky to be their dad.All the different people in the world,all the challenges we face together need to be taken with our children in mind.The local Indian tribe of iroquios that my wife has ties too says you must look ahead seven generations and access the impact of decisions on those in our future.This seems very difficult in todays political environment,but if we don't care about future generations we are already lost.With no picture of the future,our children will replay the past.well,i feel like i need to end here,but before i do i wanted to say i am going to post a picture of my back as a way for readers to understand my disability and my struggle with chronic pain.I hope no one finds it offensive,but if so,please let me know so as too remove anything not relative to my writings.I hope to be able to show some of my pets too,as we are a family of animal lovers and i will be mentioning them from time to time.until next time,thank you for reading.

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