Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday January 26 2010

As i begin my entry today the news of gridlock in Washington still dominates the headlines.The President's state of the union speech is tomorrow,and he is rumoured to be changing focus from healthcare legislation to job creation.This is a move to try to reach out to the part of the population that is unhappy with the direction our country is going.Growing dissatisfaction with lack of progress on key issues,bailouts that bypassed main street to support wall street,and democrats inability to pass legislation even with a fillibuster proof 60 votes in the senate has proven disasterous for the presidents approval numbers.He will make an attempt to show Americans that he understands by the new restraints he is proposing for the banking and financial industry,and that jobs creation must be first priority.
With all of these challenges and a whole host of others that i have yet to touch on,I believe it will prove exceedingly difficult for him to stop the direction the electorate seems to be going.With appointments like Tim Geitner and Larry Sommers,wall street insiders and supporters of the very "too big to fail"financial institutions that brought the world to the brink of another great depression,he cannot distance himself from the stench of the bailouts.America is not ready for the New Deal style changes to the healthcare system before we emerge from this economic recession.Millions of people are out of work and companies are'nt expected to begin rehiring until early next year by most estimates.I believe there are still other shoes to drop in the stock market,with a large number of commercial real estate about to see the same large number of forclosures that proved so costly in the residential real estate market.These commercial leases got bundled and divided and wound into complex dirivatives that were then sold off the same way as the residential leases and morgages did.The losses are said to reach the trillions,a number that seems almost common nowadays.I wish our President luck tomorrow and will comment further after the state of the union.
Yesterdays social skills class with my son Matthew was awesome.He seemed very happy afterwards and told me he was looking forward to returning next week.The parental componant of the class was great,i enjoyed the time with other parents of special needs kids.We share similar challenges and it was good to share and get input from the facilitator on techniques to address our current concerns.We are lucky to be able to learn from each other and i look forward myself to our next appointment.My older son was a little unhappy as he was stuck sitting in a waiting room for an hour,but he was not difficult about it.Our little outing together after the class went over well with my boys,and i hope it will become a weekly routine that we can continue after the ten weeks is over.Weekly outings to a special meal together has potential to become memories they will carry with them into the future.As a dad i like to try to create good memories for them,as my parents did for me.One can only hope i suppose,with all the visual and auditory distractions facing our kids.I am going to post another pic of our pets,i decieded not to post the pic of my back as readers may find it disturbing or inappropriate.anyways,until next time thank you for reading. spacewalker

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