Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday January 18th 2010

i am happy to say that i am back online again and i am very happy to be here.My older brother gave me a computer and i am back to write and surf.It seems like forever that i was offline,and alot has happened in the time i was gone.The most important is the quake in Haiti.What an awful tragedy for the people of that nation.I am humbled at the scope of the rescue operations and the folks involved.These are the reasons we all need to come together as a group of the same people fighting the same problems.Looking at the suffering people puts aside all pol
itical and social differences we have.No one can deny people the basic needs like food and water and shelter without consequences.As the days go by i hope the situation will get better for those suffering.I will continue on later after the children go to bed.until then.... spacewalker

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