Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well,today i am still having problems with my computer and i don't know how long it will allow me to write so i will make this post as brief as i can.The news of the last several days surround the attempted bombing of a jetliner on Christmas day.How lucky we are that the brave passengers and crew heroically saved the world from another heinous attack.I am glad our Government has chosen to prosecute this terrorist in federal court,as opposed to a military tribunal.Those military trials are in no way in the national interest.My personal opinion is we have the best justice system in the world,and have already successfully prosecuted terrorists like Richard Reed(the Shoe Bomber)and Ramsey Yusef(first World Trade Center bomber).
Our national security is more threatened by policies and practices that are used as recruiting tools by the organizations that want to harm the U.S..The Guantanamo Bay facility is one example,and not closing it as promised is a giant mistake.Along with extrordinary rendition and CIA black sites,this helps radicalize young men with few other options for income.In order to remove the motivation used by poor uneducated men in nations that have little or no government like Yemen and Somalia,we need to be helping them to build or rebuild economic opportunity.The basic needs of everyday life is what is lacking in the lives of those low ranking members of these terrorist groups.i will continue on this subject as my computer problems are repaired i will say goodbye and thanks for reading. spacewalker

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