Sunday, December 20, 2009

post # 3

well,here it is day three and i already have been sidelined by my health issues.I wanted to make another entry last night but could not sit up long enough.My back is really giving me trouble due to the weather being so cold.As the weather gets colder,it seems to affect my pain level significantly.I hope to move somewhere warm when my wife and i retire,but for now i must endure the winter here in central new york.I used to love winter as a lifelong skiing enthusiast,but have been unable to ski since 1999.
As a parent,and the husband of a hard working woman,i have issues related to the "man's pride"that us males are hampered by.Going to work every day seems like a burden until you can't do it anymore.I am sure there are thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of similar stories around our country.Sidelined by any kind of disability is a difficult way to exist,and my story in no way is unique.Hopefully using this medium to document my personal experiences and aspirations may result in someone realising the benefits of each unique life experience.
I am thinking about what life handed me at each different crossroad we all face.The ones of youth,were you think your peers opinions are more important than the ones of your parents,or siblings.Not realizing the benefit of learning through the experience of those older and wiser,who just want to spare you the heartache of lessons they have already endured.If i had listened to this wisdom were would i be today?Reflecting on these things may seem counterproductive personally,but what if it saves another from suffering?Is it worthwhile bringing up painful things to benefit another?
Personally,i am the first to admit when it was my turn to listen,i did not.But this new way that your story can go across the globe in moments seems to present immense opportunity to make a difference.If someone read something i wrote and made a choice to benefit from a mistake i have already made,this is one of the greatest things i could ever wish for my writing.To help others is one of the things that most benefits us as we go along in this world,in my opinion.
Tomorrow i have an appointment at my Pain Clinic,and i must decide whether or not to have a very extensive back surgury.My wife and mother both do not want me to,and overruling them would be a tough call.I am very reluctant after 14 prior surgeries to elect to allow another.After i decide i will make sure to make an entry in here about it.Being Sunday it is time for me to attend to the childrens bedtime needs,so i will end here.Until next time......spacewalker

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