Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday Afternoon"s post

As the time for celebrations of the season wind down,i am at a serious crossroads with my health.The usual routine i follow for pain relief is not working,and my options are very limited.I have a giant burn on my back from the heating pad that i constantly lay on.The skin on my back is bright red and i am unable to apply anything at this point due to the open wounds.It is my own fault because i did not heed the warnings printed right on the front of the pad.The burn is itchy and i scratched it too much and broke the skin.
When i went to the Pain Clinic this week i did not make a final decision about surgery due to the fact i am possibly going to seek out a third opinion from an expert in this field.I have a good friend in Boston who i can visit if i can get an appointment there.The hospital in Boston is one of the best places for expert docs in this field.As i contemplate my options,this seems to be the best choice.To have one more doc say surgery is the only option may push me to a final choice.My personal choice usually coincides with the Docs,but at this point i am very reluctant to approve any more surgery.I have so many Physical problems already,i don't think my family or i could handle much more.
When time allows i will be more specific,but for now i am going to say thank you for reading... spacewalker

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